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Meet MaryAnn

MaryAnn is a wife, a self-proclaimed “Italian helicopter mom” of 3, a woman of faith, and a compassionate and empathetic Patient Advocate for the Elderly. She is also a successful entrepreneur, ambitious innovator, and influential change agent. MaryAnn possesses the rare skill set as an RN with a strong business background. These qualities, combined with her unique ability to make genuine connections give her a competitive edge in the field of home care. People describe MaryAnn as a giver, connector, and influencer who is fiercely passionate about giving back to others and to the community.

Having devoted a majority of her career to elder care, MaryAnn has a stellar reputation for providing 5-star quality home care. She holds a degree in nursing and has spent 33 years in practice as a registered nurse. In addition to her experience as an RN, she brings valued qualifications as a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified Alzheimer’s and Dementia Trainer. She is known as an accomplished businesswoman. She owns multiple companies and holds degrees in business management and finance.

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MaryAnn embodies the vision and passion required to meet the growing needs of the home care profession. She has a keen sense of identifying opportunities in the home care market and develops solutions to fill those needs. Almost a decade ago, while working as Director of Nursing at a home healthcare agency, she was unable to find compassionate home care of live-in companies to care for her clients. She identified a need for top-quality home care companies in the area. She left her job and set out to launch her first home care company, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. She started this company in honor of her late father in law who suffered from Alzheimer’s for 11 years. As this company grew, she launched another home care company called CT Help at Home. Both of these successful companies are full-time concierge non-medical home care companies. As these businesses started to grow, she saw a need in the home care industry for quality caregivers, so MaryAnn set out to do what she does best and launched the CNA Academy of Connecticut, a fully accredited school designed to train Certified Nursing Assistants. With the ever-changing landscape of health care, there is no doubt that MaryAnn will identify another void, and fill that gap.

It is clear that MaryAnn’s experience, passion, and commitment to the home care industry are the reasons why her home care companies have consistently been voted #1 in CT and NY. Clearly, these are the reasons why so many families choose MaryAnn for their loved ones.

MaryAnn and her staff are warm and compassionate, providing excellent care to all their clients. As an elder law attorney, I have referred many of my clients; all have said that the care received was outstanding and that they were so happy with the services provided. They are very hands-on, and the staff is well trained. I highly recommend!
- Denise M., Esq.


"When I decided to launch my first home care company, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, it was in response to my own personal experience.  My father-in-law suffered from Alzheimer’s for over 11 years.  We cared for him at home for all those years.  I fully understand the struggles and hardships that families face on a daily basis. No one is more empathetic to what this disease does to the caregivers and loved ones than myself.  I walked in those shoes every day.  It was from this experience and the lack of resources out there for families, that Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care was started.

This experience taught me about the importance of having the right home care solution for your loved one. It was from this experience and the lack of resources out there for families, that my first home care company was started. It has been my personal mission to provide the absolute best care and support to families in need and to ensure the safety of our clients.

I know what it takes to provide a warm, loving, and compassionate caregiver in your home, to put your mind at ease. I am personally invested in making sure that every client receives the best live-in home care that South Florida has to offer."

Luxury Live-Ins

when you need the best in care

When it comes to live-in caregiving for your loved one, Luxury Live-Ins of Naples is proud to provide high-quality assisted living and various types of services for home care in Southern Florida and beyond. We offer everything it takes to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our clients. Our agency provides 24-hour inihome care assistance to ensure that your loved ones are safe and are receiving the care they need and deserve.

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