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Our Caregivers

"We take care of our caregivers so they are able to take care of our clients."


We care deeply about making Luxury Live-Ins of Naples an exceptional place to work. We are passionate about showing our appreciation to our employees, making them feel valued, and rewarding them with well-deserved bonuses. We take care of our team so they can show that same care and compassion for your loved one.

Finding the right caregiver is our highest priority and we relentlessly seek to maintain your loved one's emotional, mental and physical health. We send you a photo of your caregiver before they come to your home.


Pairing each client with the right caregiver is our specialty. MaryAnn and our care coordinators spend time getting to know our clients on a deep, personal level. We interview our clients and/or their adult children to learn about their hobbies, likes, dislikes, passions, living situations, and family dynamics. We use this information to match them with the perfect caregiver.


Families also need to know that their loved one is safe and happy when they are not around. We match your most pressing concerns with the unique skill sets of each of our caregivers. Through this thorough process, we can ensure that your family's requirements are met and both the client and caregiver are a good fit.


We carefully hand-select our care team, hiring the best candidates from around the region. They undergo rigorous nationwide background checks every 6 months, extensive interviewing, practical training, and ongoing education. We ensure that we have the best people available to provide your family with the best possible home care solutions.

We invest in our caregivers by providing them with ongoing training. Our founder, MaryAnn Ciambriello, is a registered nurse and serves as an educator and mentor for all of our caregivers. MaryAnn makes herself available to answer any questions our caregivers may have and strives to give them everything they need to succeed with their clients.

At Luxury Live-Ins of Naples, our live-in caregivers are uniquely prepared to care for memory loss clients. MaryAnn is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified Alzheimer’s and Dementia trainer, and a registered nurse.


Each of our live-in caregivers undergoes 8-16 hours of memory care training. They learn:


  • How to respond and react to clients needs

  • How to connect and reconnect with their clients

  • Which activities are most stimulating

  • How to engage with clients in challenging behavioral situations


The Perfect Match

between caregiver and your loved one
We had an outstanding experience with MaryAnn and her live-ins in every way! They were so caring and helpful throughout every step. MaryAnn is so kind and attentive, ensuring that the process is stress-free for the family. Knowing that this was in her experienced hands was a true God send. The live-in caregivers were all amazing - kind, nurturing, and hard working. Our family highly recommends MaryAnn and her team and will use them in the future without hesitation.
- Peter M.
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